Harlequin will reject you and then publish you anyway

Oh yea, you heard that right. Harlequin is launching a new imprint, Harlequin Horizons, for self-publishing romance writers. PW writes:
[A]uthors whose manuscripts have been rejected by Harlequin will be made aware of the Harlequin Horizons option and authors who sign with Author Solutions will be given the opportunity to be published under the Harlequin Horizons imprint.
Now, unfortunately, you will have to pay for the service, but you can be a published Harlequin author!

Harlequin is delving into a whole new aspect market, with this self-pubbed imprint and their recent launch of their e-book only imprint. Romance-writing ladies and gentlemen, have at it.


  1. So what they're saying is, "No, we don't think you're good enough for US to pay YOU to print the story, but we do think you're good enough for YOU to pay US to print it."


  2. Why does this strike me as a conflict of interest?

  3. i do like how they will pick up authors who have good self published sales. But otherwise, meh