E-ppreciating the art of bookbinding

I love me some technology with reading (yes, commenters, I must be in cahoorts with e-readers. I also eat babies and once cried during an episode of The Office because Dwight was so sad and that made me sad. ...Actually, that last one is true). I am insanely attached to no longer carrying around three to five books at any given time, because that's how I read and because that shit is heavy. That said, there are some experiences you can't replicate, and one of those is below.

Jacket Copy (a blog I love) says that the video below embodies the opposite of an e-book. I say nay, Jacket Copy—this is technology and books combined for the best. Digital pictures and videos plus bookmaking equals this:

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  1. 90% of the time, when I try to click on any link to JacketCopy (your link here, Blogger's reading list, whatever), it says "this webpage is not available." I cannot TELL you how crazy this makes me, since the other 10% of the time I love the blog.