Handwritten Bible worth more than my life

The handwritten Bible I mentioned last week was auctioned off on Ebay and closed with a bid of $15,407.53, making it about $15,406 out of my price range.

So, instead, I'm investing in a Wii and the new video game Mass We Pray (which, since it's on a Wii, I think should be Mass Wii Pray, but, you know, whatever):

If this isn't real I think my heart will drop out of my body in sadness.


  1. That's hilarious. We just bought a Wii "for the kids" for Christmas but are trying to figure out if we can play it late at night without their knowing about it until then - just boring old Mario games though, no praying.

  2. Alas, it's not real, just a gimmick to sell an apocalyptic themed video game for teenagers.