Vook at that

So I may or may not have scoffed at the Vook (probably closer to "may"), and that may or may not have been because it sounded stupid. But, with the invention of the cookvook, I have seen the light.

Up until now, YouTube has been a big part of my cooking (when you say julienne, you mean...what? What's that quick way to chop onions (not fingers)? Define "saucepan."). Thus, instructions that include videos, that I can download to my cellphone and be all "Oh I'm just making calls not getting instructions I totally know how to cook what of course I won't poison you just go back to the table Mom" would be very, very useful.

Back me up, fellow cooking Vook converts. I know you're out there...


  1. I can see where 'how to' books would benefit from the v-book format. Right up until you drop your Kindle into the soup . . .

  2. Hmm... hadn't thought of that. Got any recommendations? Maybe on how to cook porkchops? (I have some thawing for tonight and have no idea what to do with them!)