Walden dies, no one cares

Ok, maybe that's unfair. Walden dies, I don't care. Walden is my least favorite of bookstores. My bookshelf at home is unorganized and only has things I don't really want to read--why would I want that in a bookstore?

The news is that 200 out of 330 outlets will close. But it's not a downsizing:
Borders CEO Ron Marshall said that “through this right-sizing, we will reduce the number of stores with operating losses, reduce our overall rent expense and lease-adjusted leverage and generate cash flow through sales and working capital reductions.”
So don't be sad for the people holding the 1,500 jobs that will be eliminated. Because it's a right-sizing. The best line is this, however:
The company also said it plans to integrate the remaining Walden stores into its superstore computer system to create a single platform.
When you think of the superstore computer system, imagine there are lasers.


  1. This is the first comment on your blog, and is completely content-free.

    Like Walden!

  2. Sorry to hear about more job losses, but happy to see you have your own blog.

  3. And blast doors.

    You can't have lasers without blast doors.

  4. I was never happy with Waldon or any mall bookstore. As far as I'm concerned they are all horribly taken care of, miss-stocked,and never, ever organized. Sad that people are losing jobs, sad that people are losing a point of access to print books, not so sad that they are going down. I'm doing my victory dance now.

  5. Barring school book fairs, I bought my first book from Waldenbooks. That's what I remember. It has always seemed to me a place where new readers begin. Nothing about the story necessarily dictates that roll, but that's what it means to me. In fact, it was the only book store I shopped at until I left for college.

  6. bingol--

    I may have to take a screengrab, print out your comment, and tack it to my wall.


  7. Our lives are about computer generated information technology. Eliminate the material world and we have cyber exploitation: Identity theft, Malware, Phishing, Spam, Trojan, Variants, Worm and other computer science insecurities people don't want to discuss.

    At least while you're inside a bookstore, the ambiance puts you in a Wonderland of security. Long live the bookstore.