Holiday shopping lists, from people more famous than you

It's getting to be the uniquely American, month long (at least) holiday season. How do I know this? Because ABC Family has already started showing Christmas movies, even though their 25 Days of Christmas thing hasn't technically started yet. Have you started shopping for yours truly? Slash your family and friends?

Never fret, fellow procrastinators. Penguin has put together a massive list of books to give and get suggested by a massive list of authors, including Elizabeth Gilbert, Patricia Cornwall, Sue Grafton, Nick Hornby, Sue Monk Kidd, Mark Kurlansky, and Frank Bruni, among others.

The Observer also has a similar list of baller books,with lists from Kazuo Ishiguro, Hari Kunzru, Sam Mendes, Curtis Sittenfeld, Malcolm Gladwell, Vivienne Westwood, Colum McCann, and Nick Hornby (again).

I am very happy to recieve any presents. You can address them to:
Laura C. Ombreviations
c/o The Internet

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  1. I try to give as many books as possible for presents. I read your linked lists and was happy to see The Help on several - it was a wonderful book. I'm also finally reading The Book Thief and am blown away so far - so that might go on my 'give' list.