E-erotica is e-rousing

Harlequin has finally come to grips with the fact that its covers are super embarassing, and is launching an e-imprint, Carina Press. I for one applaud this move away from making people admit what they're reading in public. They say:
Carina Press will publish a wide variety of genre fiction aimed at women including romance, erotica, family sagas, science fiction and mysteries.
I firmly believe that the greatest good an e-reader can do is to hide my reading habits from the public. And Carina Press, bless its heart, is doing all it can to protect my fragile, fragile reputation with strangers.

And for you romance writers (hello!), the imprint is looking for short stories, genre fiction, and full novels.Submit away!


  1. My wife wrote for Harlequin for a while. Interesting marketing philosophy. They do a great job getting the books on shelves (including Target's shelves), but they're not really a -book- publisher, in some ways. They treat novels like serials. They'll get your stuff everywhere possible, then two months later, it's a new batch.

  2. Uh, you do know that Harlequin's been publishing e-books since 2007, right? They have novellas exclusive to their e-book store and release their books there, too. Also, Carina Press is supposed to be pretty much seperate from Harlequin. Harlequin books will still be released in their e-book store; Carina Press books won't be released by Harlequin.