Little snacks on the prairie

I always liked Laura Ingalls Wilder (even though I recently found out she didn't really write her books all alone). Not only do we share a name, but she wrote about my favorite topic: snacks. Syrup treats frozen in snow, sticks of candy from the general store, meal after meal after meal—these were not books to be read without something to eat nearby.

For those of you who are also ye olde snack inclined, there's a Little House Cookbook, that Omnivoricious' Lauren (close enough to Laura) writes about:
Thirty years have passed since the publication of The Little House Cookbook in 1979, yet somehow, it feels more relevant than ever, especially in the context of our current efforts to obtain and eat food that is more wholesome, less processed, and made from scratch (preferably at home).
You hear that? Cooking like the Wilders is not only delicious, but twee and hipster too. Is there no end to Laura's greatness? If only she had known about waffle cookies...


  1. That was a facinating article! Thanks for posting.

    Am really enjoying your new blog.

  2. Don't tell me Laura didn't write alone! I was traumatized when I learned Laura didn't actually type the book in my eight-year-old hands.