Reaping the writing rewards

Dear Sirs and Madams,

I feel that we've known each other for some time. Several months, in fact. Why, pray tell then, have I not received any $20,000 checks in the mail? I say important things! Like...that thing the other day...you know what I'm talking about. That one time.

Ok, for reals, I understand that I'm not super contributing to society or "journalism-ing." And I don't loath anyone a nice check, and anonymity makes it a little difficult to accept your monies.

I'm just saying. Some people like checks.


Laura C. Ombreviations


  1. Sending one right over. Just don't cash it until 2032. Also, it's written in rupees. And it may or may not be my actual signature on the bottom.

  2. Your problem is you keep dealing with us poor folks. My Mother has always told me my biggest fault is I never found a rich woman to marry. I think her advice applies here.