The life of the writing woman

Confession: I do not always love the blog the Millions, mostly because it actually asks me to read real paragraphs and essays, which is beyond me on the internet. Another confession: I mostly hate when people write about writing. I find it excruciating. But Victoria Patterson's essay on the writing woman was just sooooooo goooood that I think I need to re-evaluate my stance on both the site and writing about writing. To quote:
I’m a nervous writer. I drink coffee and subsequently get thirsty and drink water. I chew gum—packs and packs, studding the wastebasket with my spit-out wads. I read my work out loud, again and again (I imagine one might hear a light mumble coming from my direction). There are frequent trips to the bathroom (coffee and water). I have to haul my writing materials—computer, notebooks, etc.—with me, so that they won’t get stolen. Or else I take on the Bathroom Sprint—going as fast as I can, returning in a light sweat.
Please, Victoria. Be my friend. The essay in its entirety is well worth the read.

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