The prince has read Dystopia!

As the world is clearly headed for a zombie apocalypse, I think other people's dreams of dystopian futures are quaint and sadly misinformed (except for the ones that involve surviving said zombie apocalypse). But, if you are so inclined, check out these top 16 dystopian novels. Enjoy the creepy creep-ness, friends.

Also, extra hugs to whoever can tell me the inspiration for the post title.


  1. Good list ... I've never even heard of the CS Lewis book -- sounds interesting! And your post title ... Ever After with Drew Barrymore??

  2. I've read only four of these. Orwell's my favorite. Stumped on your title here.

  3. "I could sooner pick a favorite star in the heavens." LOVE that movie!

  4. Thank goodness someone got this. I have spent years waiting for someone to ask me if there's anything I can't do, so I can say, "Fly," and then snicker hysterically at how great I am.

    I am so glad I am anonymous.