I fought St. Patty's Day, and St. Patty's Day won

Thus, no posts today, while I drink Gatorade and try not to puke in my Chicago Manual purse.


  1. I've got a large, LARGE black coffee, a bagel to soak up the mess and I may have to go down to the Duane Reade for a chocolate milk because it's THAT sort of morning.

    Though, I did see a kid outside of Penn Station falling asleep while standing WHILE texting. So. It seems like he's a bit worse off.

    Good luck t'ya.

  2. So, so sorry. Though it sounds like you had a good time! BC Powder, Goody's Powder if you can't find BC, or Excedrine if neither of the first two options are available. Gatorade is alright, but I recommend copious quantities of grease. Hashbrowns, pizza, whatever you can get your hands on. Waffle House is the best hangover food available.

    Good luck.

  3. My Mother's birthday is St Patrick's Day. As a child she thought everyone got a parade on their birthday.

  4. St. Pat can seem like a devil the next day. Feel better, we miss you.:(

    Here's a link you can copy on a scientific UK study that says a bacon sandwich is the perfect cure. I'd say if you don't eat bacon, any meat with some fat and carbs will do. It's the amino acids in meat, combined with fats, and the carbs in bread that seem to be the basic here.