Margaret Atwood loves Twitter.

Seriously, she loves the Twitter. She writes:
One follower led to another, quite literally. The numbers snowballed in an alarming way, as I scrambled to keep up with the growing horde. Soon there were 32,000—no, wait, 33,000—no, 33,500… And before you could say LMAO (“Laughing My Ass Off,” as one Twitterpal informed me), I was sucked into the Twittersphere like Alice down the rabbit hole. And here I am.
Oh my goodness, Ms. Atwood, I officially love you.


  1. Does the ever impressive Laura C Tweet? :)

  2. I am already so procrastinate-y, Jamie, that Twitter might kill me and/or get me fired...mostly fired.

  3. I read that post and from feeling so-so about MA, I have become a fan. And follow her on Twitter. The woman's hilarious.