Shel Silverstein writes from beyond the grave

Shel Silverstein, beloved poet, will be publishing a second posthumous collection for children. I would be more excited, but I recently saw a staging of "Shel's Shorts," which was, perhaps, the dirtiest collection of short plays I have ever seen. Shel, your childlike wonder is now tainted by hilarious dirtiness.

Don't believe me? The first one stars a guy who dreams about effing his daughter. I saw this sitting between my parents. Emotionally scarred!


  1. Have you ever heard a recording of SS reading his poetry? It is hilarious. He had quite an interesting voice.

    And ever since his mention in the Wimpy Kid series (he's compared to a pirate), I'll never see him the same way again.

  2. I stopped thinking of Silverstein as only a kid's poet when I found all the stuff he illustrated for Playboy. That, and all his "adult" poetry.