Things about Twilight I could have kept from you

I have, in the past, been a bearer of Twilight related bad news for society. I have sworn that, one day, I will be a force for good, instead of evil, but it just keeps being easier to bring the bad Twilight news to the fore. So, continuing my trend: did you know that Twilight related baby names have shot through the roof? There's going to be a whole generation of boys named Cullen dating girls named Bella, causing their parents to squee to no end.

And, although the boys won't sparkle, there are coping methods for non-sparkle boyfriends. ...Are these all signs of the apocalypse, or just me getting a headache?


  1. Haha, I'm going to go on my next date with a canister of sparkle paint in my purse and hit the guy when he least expects it!

  2. I fear the result when teenaged boys realize a can of sparkle will get him more girls than Axe.

  3. How sad am I? I had settled on the name Isabella years ago, for a daughter, now I shall have to find somethign entirely different :(.