What book explains you?

Join the conversation, and explain yourself with one book (or, hey comment here).


  1. I don't think I could answer this question at all. I mean, I want to answer The Fountainhead, Kavalier and Clay or Garden of Eden. But that's only because something clicked in me reading those books. But since I don't really follow Ayn Rand's ideologies and I've never been to war or experienced Stonewall - I guess Garden of Eden? I think I am a little bit of both Catherine and David. The conflict of the story really isn't my life. But writing and also being a little crazy is. So.

    Laura - what's yours?

  2. I'm totally the Bible. I'm filled with fun facts and most people only believe parts of what I say.

    My other option is The Bell Jar, because I live in NY and can't decide if I'm insane or if it's everyone around me...

  3. There's a lovely book called Guys Like Girls Named Jenny. It's pretty much my life because I can't seem to understand the difference between a man who is trying to be my friend & a man who is trying to be more. Also, I just don't understand the whole Christian dating scene, & I focus way too much on it when I should be focused on God. :)

  4. I have no choice in the matter. I was named after Jane Eyre and was thus doomed a) to love Victorian fiction, b) to fancy unsuitable Romantic types (until I saw sense and married the nice guy), c) to run away from it all when things get too difficult d) to have a madwoman in my attic (metaphorically speaking), and e) to find religious fanatics strangely compelling, especially if handsome and surrounded by adoring women.