Storing the stash with style

For some of us, closet space is a mythical beast to be worshiped and lured into our homes. For this demographic, where do you store your books?

Om nom nom storage I love you.


  1. I have several hundred books filling several bookshelves (including two from the late Tower Records book section) and two storage bins. One day I wanted to read my copy of The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett but was unable to find it or the other two copies of the same book I bought when this had happened before.

    I bought a Kindle the next day.

    Funny twist. I still can't find any of my three copies of The Maltese Falcon and it is still not available on the Kindle.

  2. We have thousands of books, overflowing our dozen-plus floor-to-ceiling bookcases. I'm finishing the attic so I can build more bookcases into the walls up there. When the End Times come and all the computers go down, we'll be the ones with books, the ones who save civilization. Kindles and iPads will be used to till the fields.