Blowing up enemies with book learnin'

Ever wondered what a tank covered in books looks like? Wonder no more! Take that, ignorance! Take that, illiteracy!

Sidebar: I would have embedded the video, but it is unembeddable. Why would anyone do that? You're not driving more traffic by making it harder to access, sirs. You're just pissing me off. Argh.


  1. It does have embed code! Youtube's format just changed... it's on the bottom now.

  2. But it won't play when embedded! I think they disabled the feature, but it might have just been fussy when I tried.

    Wait, does this mean I'm no longer tech savvy? Oh god, I might as well write this blog in Morse Code...existential crisis!

  3. Oh dear, you're right! Yup, that is pretty dumb.