On the importances of titles

Oh, Elizabeth Eslami, I really feel for you, in your article about people assuming your book is erotica. A slightly misleading title is making you have to defend your characters' reputations and repeatedly state that they are not incestuous.

But no one saw this coming with the title Bone Worship?


  1. Thanks for the link to that article. It was very funny.

    I admit I wouldn't have seen what was wrong with the title. But then when my boys suggested we call our house Morning Wood I thought it was a lovely name - till I saw how they were grinning!

  2. It's never a bad idea to run your title by a couple of twelve-year-olds before it's actually published. You never know what words or phrases have taken on dirty meanings.

    I've ready many a "Wow...really?" title in queries that could have done with that.