Erotica saves publishing, peasants rejoice

Apparently erotica is one of the few growth industries in publishing. To quote:
Exactly why erotic literature has become so popular now is a matter of speculation, though it doesn't seem entirely coincidental that the creators were mostly raised in the era of Madonna videos on MTV, open discussion of sex during the initial HIV scare, and the mainstreaming of porn. Much of the new erotica is simply porn moved to the printed page, only smarter and largely aimed at women.
Once again, Madonna is at fault. Damn you, Madonna!


  1. Erotic literature will become even more popular as people (esp. women) realize that if they download it onto their e-reader no-one on the train will know what they're reading. Are there stats for e-reader downloads by genre yet? I think we need to know.

  2. Erotica has always been a "growth" industry as far as men are concern.