Secret love lives that kind of ick me out

Today was apparently the day of love stories that make me go, "...oh..."

First, we've got the Anne Frank novelization, plus boning. That's just awkward. I understand that she was a teenager, but, I don't know. It's just weird.

Also weird is the Emily Dickinson potential love story. And, hey, I'm not saying she shouldn't have had a man-friend of some sort. I'm saying that the way they describe it is creepers:
Over the next few months, Emily turned to [Otis Phillips Lord, her father's friend] the handsome widower – not as a father but as a suitor of sorts. Later, a granddaughter of Dickinson’s confidante Elizabeth Holland suggested that Lord’s tenderness had “long been latent in his feeling for her.”
I'm sorry, the words "father figure" and "lover" should really not go in the same sentence. That is creepos.

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  1. I'm put in mind of a particular George Michael song from wayyy back that always made me shudder. I never understood why everyone thought it was so great- I love George but that one just creeped me right out. The video did not help me there either.

    Ditto your examples above- I'll pass, thanks...