Fingerprinting for library books

Because library cards are so old hat, the school system in Machester wants to use fingerprints to check out library books. What, the retinal scans were too expensive?
This is quite clearly appalling,” said Phil Booth, national coordinator of NO2ID, a privacy campaign group.

“For such a trivial issue as taking out of library books the taking of fingerprints is way over the top and wrong.

“It conditions children to hand over sensitive personal information.”
I think the real point is to crack down on library theft more effectively. You don't return your book? Your fingerprints are already in the system! So when you, 13 year old Joey, get pulled over for speeding and arrested for assaulting an officer, they'll match your fingerprints to your stolen library book and fine the crap out of you. Libraries saved!


  1. Look, if they could invent a system to make my DD16 a) take her books back and b) pay the *(&(^ fines I'd back it. *I* get the emails and it drives me crazy.

  2. So then what? If you don't pay your library fines, they'll send you to Syria to be tortured?

  3. Ick. Now they want to connect what you read to your fingerprints.

    (Yes. I have a huge paranoid streak.)