Netflix, marry me

We've already talked about streaming literary adaptations from Netflix. What will they come up with next? Of course it's a list of Netflix for people who love plays. Is there anything Netflix can't do? (Besides send me a copy of "Amadeus" that doesn't need to be flipped like an LP, of course.)


  1. I love my Netflix and that whole instant streaming to your tv thing - I just discovered the Firefly series that way and I'm in love!

  2. Netflix streaming is full of great stuff. They recently put up everything Joss Whedon ever made on streaming, as well as the entire run of "The X Files," and a whole bunch of great Comedy Central stuff like "Reno 911!"

    You can also watch the Starz show "Party Down" on Netflix streaming.

    I'm not a huge fan of Netflix's agreements to delay new releases, or its "fairness algorithms" which make it very difficult for members who utilize the mail service a lot to get popular movies. But the streaming is great.