Waffle cookies, oh em gee

  1. Make cookie dough. Do not eat right away. For reals. Just put it in the freezer.
  2. Purchase a waffle iron.
  3. Have a crappy day of a badness level that requires greater than one cookie, but less than an entire batch.
  4. Put cookie dough in waffle iron.
  5. Magic.
No, this is not publishing related. But everyone loves cookies.*

*You are not welcome at this blog if you don't love cookies.


  1. I'm not sure I recognize the concept, 'greater than one cookie but fewer than an entire bunch.'

  2. I've never heard of making cookies in a waffle iron. Cool idea. Now where's that waffle iron...

  3. Laura, I'm an editor for a small imprint at a major house and been brainstorming with my husband what to do for income when the end arrives. Our current plan is food truck for clubbing drunks and THIS is perfect for the menu.

  4. So's you know, there is also such a thing as a cakewaffle. (I'm late to the party - sorry. Just saw this.)

    Same basic concept as your cookiewaffle, and much delectation will commence, I promise.

    (Goldangit, I am NOT anonymous! But this stoopit computer won't let me post as myself. I am HALCYON, hear me roar!)